Kilted Dress Options

Wayne always performs in kilt, and many uniform options are available to suit your function. He proudly wears two kilts: the Red Ross tartan and his band kilt, the Murray of Atholl tartan.

Prince Charlie: This formal Scottish attire, pictured on the event planning page next to the wedding suggestions (in Red Ross kilt sans jacket), is appropriate for weddings, funerals, and black tie functions. The Prince Charlie is a black tuxedo jacket with silver buttons and satin lapels fashioned specifically for wear with the kilt. Accessorized with black bow tie, off-white hose, flashes, Gillie Brogues (Scottish shoes), and a silver and rabbit fur sporran, the appearance is quite formal and very distinguished!

Full Military Dress with Doublet: As pictured on the home page, this formal military doublet features silver toned braiding and piping, 34 silver-toned buttons, and is the flashiest of all uniforms. Worn with red and white top hose, white spats, a horse hair piperís sporran, a short sword, and skean dhu (the black knife, worn in sock) the appearance is very impressive, especially when the piper is 6í3". The full military doublet becomes very uncomfortable in high humidity or at temperatures over 60 degrees, and extra "combat" pay is required for warm performances.

Khaki Military Dress: The Atholl Highlanders Pipes and Drums standard uniform (at left) consists of the Murray of Atholl tartan kilt, a khaki shirt with epaulets, green dickey, red and white top hose, white spats, a horse hair piperís sporran, a short sword, and skean dhu. It is a casual yet impressive military appearance.

Informal Dress: Non-military appearances can include a white shirt or a peasant shirt, kilt, piperís sporran, off white hose, flashes, and Gillie Brogues.


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